Dr Anthony Kwan

Dr Anthony Kwan is the Director of Vitreoretinal Service at the Queensland Eye Institute. His speciality is retinal and macular diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Dr Kwan also performs cataract operations, intraocular lens implantations and vitrectomies at hospitals across the region.

Dr Anthony Kwan

Dr Anthony Kwan

Dr Kwan trained in England and spent over ten years at the renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital. He has a strong background in research with a special interest in experimental retinal transplantation. His findings are widely published in leading ophthalmological journals and he has supported the medical industry in numerous advisory roles. His most recent appointment is as Chair of the Macular Disease Foundation’s Australia research committee in 2020.


We are proud of Dr Kwan’s reputation for excellent communication with our patients – he takes a personal interest in the well being of each person he treats. Dr Kwan considers the impact of treatment on the patient as a whole and takes time and care to ensure each person he treats feels happy and confident about what will happen.

Fundraising For Queensland Electro-diagnostic And Imaging Centre

Dr Kwan’s care for his patients extends to practical support, such as his involvement in Bridge to Brisbane which to date, has raised over $15,000 to help children like little Max George receive life-changing diagnosis and treatment for visual impairment.